Intaglio Help

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ColorSync in Intaglio

Converting QuickDraw Pictures and ClarisDraw Files For Editing

Drawing with Intaglio

Editing Colors, Gradients, and Patterns

Effects & CoreImage

Exchanging Graphics With Other Applications

Gradient Fills & Strokes

Scripting Intaglio

Text in Intaglio

Palettes & Windows

The Attribute Inspectors

The Drag and Drop Library

The Layers Inspector

The Preferences Window

The Tool Palette

Please note: many palette controls have help tags that appear if you hold the cursor over them for a couple seconds. These tags contain a brief explanation of the purpose of the control. Any tag ending in an ellipsis character (e.g., "Path Tool…") has extended information available if you hold down the command key (i.e., the key with the apple logo and/or clover leaf design).