The Edit Menu

Click on a menu title above for a detailed explanation of that menu's commands.
  • Undo
    Undo the most recent operation.

  • Redo
    Redo the operation just undone.

  • Repeat
    Perform the most recent operation again with the current selection.
    For example, if the most recent operation was Translate (i.e., move), you could move another graphic by the same amount by selecting the new graphic and choosing Repeat.

  • Cut
    Transfer the current selection to the clipboard.

  • Copy
    Transfer a copy of the current selection to the clipboard.

  • Paste
    Transfer a copy of the clipboard contents into the current context (i.e., the document, text field, etc.).

  • Paste As Natural Type
    Always paste graphics as their natural type (e.g., PICT or PDF) rather than performing any automatic import conversion.
    Note: this item will appear if you hold down the control key.

  • Paste Special

    • Paste and Match Style
      Paste text into a text block and retain the existing text style.

    • Paste Style
      Replace the style of the selected text or path with the style of the text or path on the clipboard.

    • Paste Text Ruler
      Replace the margin, indent, and tab stop settings of the selected text blocks with those of the text block on the clipboard.

    • Paste Effects
      Replace the effects of the selected graphics with the effects of the graphic on the clipboard.

  • Clear
    Delete the current selection.
    This can also be accomplished by pressing the delete key on the keyboard.

  • Select All
    Select everything in the current context.

  • Duplicate
    Create a duplicate of the selected graphic.
    This can also be accomplished by dragging the graphic(s) while holding the option key on the keyboard down.

  • Focus Group
    Edit the contents of a group without ungrouping it. This allows you to make changes within a group without losing group attributes such as the mask and any effects.

  • Unfocus Group
    Stop editing within a previously focused group.

  • Arrows
    Edit the arrows used within the current drawing. Arrows are paths attached to the ends of lines. Select the arrow from the list on the left and edit the path(s) in the center section of the window. To simply change the size of an arrow just modify the scale field on the right.

  • Styles
    Styles are sets of graphic properties that can be assigned to paths and text blocks. When an attribute of a style is changed, all of the graphics using that style are updated with the value of the new attribute.

    • No Style
      Specifies that no style is used.

    • New Style
      Create a new style in the current document. You have the option to apply all properties of the new style to any selected graphics, or leave the graphic properties unchanged. In either case, the new style will be assigned to any graphics selected when the style is created, so future changes to the style will change those graphics as well.

    • Remove Style
      Remove the current style in the current document.

    • Edit Style
      Edit the properties of the current style in the current document.

  • Spelling

    • Spelling
      Show the spelling window and check the spelling of the selected text.

    • Check Spelling
      Check the spelling of the selected text.

  • Start Dictation
    Open the system Dictation window to allow text to entered by voice.

  • Special Characters
    Open the system Characters palette to allow characters not available on the keyboard to be entered.