The File Menu

Click on a menu title above for a detailed explanation of that menu's commands.
  • New
    Create a new drawing document from the default template (which is usually empty).

  • New From Template
    Create a new drawing document by selecting a template. The submenu will contain any templates previously saved with Save As Template below or added to the templates folder.

    • Factory Default
      An empty drawing template containing the original unedited settings.

    • Reset Default Template
      Resets the default template for new documents to the factory default template.

    • Show Templates Folder
      Show the folder in the Finder to allow template files to be added or removed.

  • Open
    Open a file containing a drawing document.

  • Open Recent
    Open a file that has been used recently.

  • Import
    Import a PDF or image file into the current document.

  • Sharing
    Share the current document over the local network with another copy of Intaglio running on another computer, or with Intaglio Sketchpad running on an iPod, iPad or iPhone with a Wi-Fi connection. To advertise your computer on the network as eligible to receive drawings click in the checkbox and click “OK”. To share the current drawing with another device, select the device in the list and click “Share”.

  • Close
    Close the current document or window.

  • Close All
    Close all open documents.
    Note: this item will appear if you hold down the option key.

  • Save
    Save the current document.

  • Duplicate/Save As
    Save the current document as a new document or as a EPS, PDF, SVG, or bitmap image file.

  • Export/Save A Copy As
    Save or export a copy of the current document in a new file.

  • Save Selection As
    Save a copy of the graphics selected in the current document as an image file.

  • Save As Template
    Save the current document as a template to be used when opening new documents later.
    Check Default Template For New Documents to make this the template to use when opening a new document without specifying a template.

  • Revert
    Revert to a previous version of this document. Any changes since then will be lost.

  • Show Properties
    Show the Document Properties inspector to edit the file's metadata.

  • Play Slideshow
    Present the layers of the current document as a full-screen slideshow. The bottom layer is used as the first slide and subsequent slides are taken from the other layers from bottom to top.

  • Enter/Exit Full Screen
    Toggle full screen editing mode.

  • Page Setup
    Set the current document's page size and orientation to match a printer.

  • Print One Copy
    Print one copy of the current document using the default printer settings.

  • Print
    Print the current document.