Attribute Inspector Windows

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The attributes of drawing elements are displayed and edited by several attribute inspector panels. The palette windows containing attribute inspector panels are listed in the Window Menu and can be opened there. The individual attribute panels can be arranged in any of the palette windows as you see fit. To move a panel just drag its title (i.e., the text at the top of the panel next to the disclosure triangle) to either a new location in its existing window, or a location outside of all existing inspector windows to create a new window for that panel.
  • Align
    Aligns and distributes the selected graphics. Align isn't really an attribute inspector but the panel can be treated as one.

This panel can also be opened with the Align menu item.

  • Document Properties
    The metadata properties of the current document. These properties can be used to catalog drawings and search for specific attributes in Mac OS X 10.4 and later. Default values for new documents can be set in the Document Preferences for the Author, Company, and Copyright fields.

  • Effects
    The effects attached to the selected graphics.

  • Fill
    The fill style, paint, and opacity of paths and text blocks.

  • Geometry
    The location and size of the selected graphics.

The location, size, angle, and length depend on the relative point selected in the origin control. When changing the size of a graphic you can constrain its proportions so that both the width and height are adjusted to maintain the graphic's aspect ratio.

Note: the full panel is displayed only after opening the disclosure triangle on the right side of the panel.

  • Group
    The mask, composite, and opacity attributes of groups.

When the mask attribute of a group is set, the contents of the group will only appear where the mask element would be filled. Any part of the group outside of this area will be invisible. The mask element is normally the element over all others (i.e., the topmost element in the group), but can also be the element under all others. The mask element itself is only drawn if it is under the others. An intensity mask causes the intensity of the group to vary with the intensity of the mask element. Where the mask element is dark the group will be dark; where the mask element is light the group will be light. Where the mask element is white (or doesn't appear at all) the group will be transparent.
Intaglio can composite the group before applying any partial opacity to prevent the opacity from being applied to group elements relative to each other.

Note: composited groups require Mac OS X 10.3 or later to display correctly and intensity masks require Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

  • Image
    The opacity, resolution, and size of bitmap images and QuickDraw pictures.

An image's resolution (specified in dots/inch) determines its default size in a drawing.

  • Layers
    The layers in the current drawing document.

  • Library
    The drag and drop collection library.

  • Pattern
    An editor for pattern fill and stroke shapes and colors.

  • PDF
    The opacity and page number of PDF objects.

A PDF document can contain many pages but Intaglio only displays one.

  • Solid Color
    An editor for solid colors.

  • Stroke
    The stroke (i.e., outline) style, paint, opacity, line width, arrow styles, line style, and dash of paths and text blocks.

Note: the full panel is displayed only after opening the disclosure triangle on the right side of the panel.

When a text block is bound to a path alternate controls appear at the bottom of the panel. The path bias is the offset of the text along the path from the start to the end. The path can be shown with the text or omitted. Reversing the path direction causes the text to change from outside to inside of the path or vice-versa. The text can wrap around to the beginning of the path.

  • Text Ruler
    The margin, indent, tab stop, justification, line and paragraph spacing attributes of text blocks.

  • Texture
    An editor for textures