The Drag and Drop Library

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Individual graphics, paint objects and effects can be saved for easy reuse by dragging them to the library window. The contents of the library are automatically saved when you quit Intaglio. To reuse a library item just drag it from the library window back into another Intaglio window. To delete a library item drag it to the trash can in the Mac OS X dock or use the contextual menu to cut an item from the library.

The library can contain multiple pages with names you define or import and automatically contains any iPhoto libraries you've created. Use the page menu in the library window to select the current page, add pages, edit and delete existing pages, or import and export pages. Deleting library items can't be undone.

To drag graphics from an Intaglio drawing to the library click on the graphic and hold the mouse button down for 3/4 second before dragging or hold down both the option and command keys as you click on the graphic. You can now drag the graphic beyond the bounds of its original window into the library, another Intaglio window, or a window in another application that accepts graphics via drag and drop. You can also cut or copy graphics from a drawing and paste them into the library using the library's contextual menu.

Another way to save graphics and colors for reuse is to drag them to a Finder window such as the desktop. When an item is dragged to the Finder a clipping file is created containing that item. To restore the item, just drag the clipping file back into Intaglio. You can create clipping files either by dragging graphics and colors directly to the Finder, or by dragging library items to the Finder.

To save paint objects and effects in the library just drag from a paint well or the list in the effects inspector to the library. To reuse saved paint objects or effects from the library just drag them back to the drawing window to set the attributes of whatever graphics are selected.

To share entire library pages with others use the Export Page item in the page menu of the library window. To load exported pages use the Import Page item in the same menu.