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Download Intaglio

You can download and try Intaglio in demo mode before you purchase it. 
demo mode, Intaglio has the following restrictions:

  • You can't save drawings.
  • SVG export and LinkBack are disabled.
  • Printed drawings contain an “unlicensed” watermark.
  • Drawings exported as PDF or bitmap images contain an “unlicensed” watermark.

The current version of Intaglio is 3.4.4. For version history details click here.
This is a free upgrade for registered users with a standard license. For users who purchased a license as part of a software bundle the upgrade fee is $39 (USD). This upgrade to a standard license is performed within the software itself. Anyone who doesn’t wish to upgrade can still download version 2.9.8.

A public beta of Intaglio 3.5 is also available. This is (and will continue to be) a free upgrade for anyone with a standard license of a previous (non-bundle) version. If you don’t own a previous version, it will also work in demo mode with all the limitations listed above. Version 3.5 requires Mac OS X 10.8 or later. For information about changes click here.

Languages: English, French, German, and Italian.
Requirements: Intaglio requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 and QuickTime 7.0 for PowerPC or Mac OS X 10.4.7 for Intel. PowerPC users with Mac OS X 10.2 to 10.3.8 can use version 2.8.2 (PPC only). Mac OS X 10.4 is recommended and required for some features.

Download Intaglio (Universal)

(10.2 MB)

Download Intaglio Public Beta 16 (64 bit)

(9.8 MB)

Download the Intaglio User Guide

The Intaglio user guide is packaged separately from the application download. If you have any comments or suggestions about the guide or anything else about Intaglio please let us know.

Intaglio User Guide (English)

(1.8 MB)

Guide de l'utilisateur d'Intaglio (Français)

(2.6 MB)

Intaglio Benutzerhandbuch (Deutsch)

(4.9 MB)

Download the sample library

Intaglio allows the exchange of library pages containing graphics, paint objects and effects. We’ve assembled a collection of sample library pages from items submited by Intaglio users. This collection covers architectural, graphic and web site design, plus electronic, logic, and flow chart schematics. If you have reusable items you’d like to share with the user community submit them for inclusion.

Purchase Intaglio

Intaglio is $89 (USD) for a single user license and is also available in five and ten license packs. VAT for buyers in Europe will be added at the time of sale. If you need a site license or have any other questions, please contact us.

Intaglio is distributed exclusively over the internet. To purchase Intaglio, download it with one of the links above and purchase a serial number via the link below. When your payment is received you will immediately be sent a serial number via e-mail to enable all Intaglio features. Save this serial number in a safe place in case you need to reload Intaglio in the future. If you lose your serial number send the e-mail address used to make the purchase to Intaglio Support.

For a safe and secure transaction, we use the Kagi order processing service. Kagi will collect your information, verify your payment, and send your serial number(s). If you have any trouble please contact us or Kagi. On rare occasions there can be delays receiving the e-mail message with your serial number. If you suspect a problem you can click here to check the status of your order directly.

About Kagi

At Purgatory Design, we take your privacy seriously and will never abuse your personal information, or pass it to a third party who isn't involved with Intaglio.


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